I get giddy planning these lessons. There are many excellent resources online and I’ve tried to link all I’ve used here. There were SO many things we could do with letter S. Q day was no where near as cool.

Preschool S Day Lesson Plan
Day 1

Hello Song
Calendar work (Days of the Week song, date, weather)
Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Parable of a Sower Bible Story

Letter S song (Farmer in the Dell) – “S says S, Plant the seeds and watch them grow, Ss, Ss, Ss”
I’m a Little Sunflower Song (below)

**stretch break as needed**

Sort seeds (seperate marigolds, bush beans, watermelon, and lettuce)
Read A Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss
Plant sequencing cards

Scissor practice
Letter S Dot a doos (while I prepare snack)

Snack: strawberries, star-shaped cucumbers, carrots, saltines

Spaghetti snake painting (outside)
Plant seeds (green beans, lettuce, marigolds, watermelon)

Six and seven in a sack work (spiders, squares, spheres, straws) if time

I’m a Little Sunflower
(Tune: ‘I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little sunflower. 
I’m so small. 
(Sit on the ground.)
(Place hands on the ground next to you.)
(Place arms above head in the shape of a circle.) 
And water make me tall.  
 (Flutter fingers and move hands downward to the ground.) 
When I get all grown up, 
(Sit up on knees.)
You will see.
(Stand with arms bent and touching waist.) 
That I’m as big as I can be! 
(Stand with arms raised high in the air.)

Archer’s bean, lettuce, and marigold seeds took root and have all been transplanted into our garden.


Spaghetti painting

We threw the extra spaghetti to the chickens. They gobbled it up. Funny to see spaghetti hanging from the tree.

“Senorita Sack” in the middle. She sings and plants “smack-a-roonies” when the right number of items are added. Archer LOVED this activity!

Preschool S Day Lesson Plan 
Day 2

Welcome song
Calendar Work
Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Senses intro (read Your Senses at the Beach by Kimberly Hutmacher)

Parable of Sower with props (man, seeds, rocks, weeds, birds, good soil) SIGHT
S song – “S says S, Plant the seeds and watch them grow”

Stamping and shape tracing background for S art

Simon Says break – HEARING

Cut out and make snakes Ss for S art page

Outside- Itsy Bitsy Spider song, sponge water “painting”, snack (strawberry, saltines, star shaped cheese) TASTE
Smell game (lemon, peppermint, garlic, coffee in small bottles) SMELL
Make slime (borax, glue, food coloring) FEEL

S Letter writing practice
S Letter Hunt Story
Snowman sizer activity

Turned an old pizza box and drink containers into a game. Dirt had practically no smell. Everything else worked wonderfully. Had fun playing the game later with Violet and Ben when they came home.

Archer loves giving his slime haircuts. I took this picture just as he was realizing the color was turning to green.

Cut out Ss from the spaghetti painting day. Big eyes on the little snake was Archer’s idea. He thought it was ah-larious.


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3 Responses to “Letter S Week at Co-op Preschool”

  1. Jason says:

    Name that smell? Game sounds too difficult for me. Not fair.

  2. Grammy Vickie says:

    Bethany, this is amazing! You know you are destined to be a teacher. Archer is blessed by your efforts.

  3. Crystal & Co says:

    Thanks for sharing our spaghetti painted snake letter of the week craft! Love the way yours turned out!

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2013 Summer Fun

02 Oct 2013

We were fortunate to have five different sets of people come and stay with us this summer. Here are some pictures we took between my sister’s and brother’s trips.


Violet is wearing a dress my mom made for me when I was a girl. Ben has been teaching her a little chess. She is definitely better at it than I am.


I took the kids to my favorite store, goodwill outlet a few times. Archer got a cool spiderman costume for $1.39!


My goal this summer was to take the kids to the pool once a week. While we were there one day a bee flew near Archer’s eye. Before I could intervene Archer rubbed at it with his fist and the bee stung him in the face. This was Archer’s first bee sting and because he has severe food allergy I was concerned he’d have an anaphylactic reaction. I’ve never packed up and left so quickly! Fortunately his immune system reacted normally and there was only slight swelling.

tootie coffeeshop.jpg

Violet started piano lessons this summer. My brother-in-law plays piano so we asked him and Ben’s sister to come check out one we found on Craigslist. It had some serious problems so we passed on it and headed to a nearby coffee shop and took the pictures above. We ended up getting a great deal on a keyboard later. I wanted Violet to have some exposure to piano. At the end of the summer I gave her the option to quit taking lessons but she decided to continue. I think one of the reasons she likes it so much is because of the satisfaction she gets from barely being able to play a piece on Saturday and having it nearly down perfectly by lessons on Friday.

Violet made this video playing around with my phone.


Then she took a selfie.


My goal of getting the kids to the pool once a week was mostly for Archer’s benefit. Violet was in the pool practically nightly for swimming lessons. She progressed a lot this summer, eventually passing the swim test at our gym!


Violet attended one VBS this summer. She’s a few rows back in the center of the picture.


We had “Art Thursdays” at our house this summer. Conveniently that’s the day our local art museum is free to the public. This exhibit featured 600,000 pennies.

We also observed “Science Fridays” (and Music Mondays).

lego build.jpg

We waited over an hour in this incredibly long line for Violet to get a free pile of Lego. She quickly assembled the blocks into this cute little crab.

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My sister and her son came to see us a week after my parents left.


We visited a splash pad.


Violet and Archer enjoyed showing their cousin the best parks in the area.


Mason was a trooper of a traveler. He is such a sweet, happy boy.


It was fun to see him as a true toddler. He had learned to walk shortly before his visit.




We love you two and can’t wait to see you again! Thanks for visiting!

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Co-op Preschool

24 Sep 2013

In the spring of 2013 my friend “A” and I started a tiny co-op preschool. I know A from church. She has a son 5 months older than Archer a younger daughter. Our “school” meets two mornings a week and we each take a turn teaching every other week. I feel SO blessed by our little arrangement. I love our little preschool for so many reasons. Allow me to make a little list:

1. I have a deep desire to be proactive with Archer’s academic development but I often lack the organization/disciple/structure to make it happen on my own.
2. Food allergy concerns make me very hesitant to enroll Archer in a typical preschool.
3. Co-op preschool is free!
4. I absolutely LOVE my co-op partner and her two kids! It is ridiculous how much my friend and I have in common. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and her family better through our bi-weekly get-togethers.
5. I find preparing a lesson plan highly satisfying.

We’re working through the 3′s curriculum on Hubbard’s Cupboard using it as a springboard, adding elements that interest us. Throughout the summer we had school one day a week and a field trip on the other. On school days Violet participated where she wanted to (listening to stories, making crafts) and otherwise read her own books or did worksheets while we were working with the boys.


I believe I took these pictures on “L” day where we took a trip to the library for a special “touch a tractor” event.


Afterwards we headed to a nearby stream to cool off. The bridge provided nice shade.


A and her sweet baby girl.


Soaking up the summer.


Best buds. These boys love to laugh and are constantly trying to one-up each other with their silliness.

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2 Responses to “Co-op Preschool”

  1. BaLong says:

    It has been a while since I had looked at your blog.I really love seeing your beautiful family. Looks like you guys had a blast over the summer. We are just getting started with school at home with Asher, we’re running a bit behind getting started this year with the addition of our new little one and moving but I hope to be on a regular schedule in the next week. I love your “preschool” ideas, so fun!

  2. Grandma Nobles says:

    You look so good with a little baby in your arms! (hint, hint)

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Grandma and Grandaddy (or Grandpa and Grandpa as Archer is currently calling them) visited us in May.

End of Year Party.jpg

Their visit coincided with Violet’s last week of school. Dad watched Archer so Mom and I could volunteer at Violet’s End of Year party. Mom thought the party could use a baby pool so she supplied the one pictured above. It was a hit and the kids crammed in shoulder to shoulder.

Violet couldn’t have had a better first grade teacher. I love her for so many reasons but especially for one particular event that will stick with me for a long time. I was at the school volunteering at a holiday party when Violet spilled her hot chocolate. Instead of chiding her (as I was doing) her teacher reacted with compassion and sympathy, remarking how she wished she had cocoa left in her cup as she would certainly share it with Violet. She is one special lady and we miss her.


We took the pool back to our house after the party and much to Archer’s great enjoyment, Mom hooked it up to our swing set. I’ve always been impressed at my mom’s kid-entertainment skills.

archer slide baby pool.jpg

Later she even swapped the pool out for our slip and slide.


The night before Violet’s last day of school Mom made dozens of tiny braids in Violet’s hair. She strutted out of the house for her last day with super cool crimped hair.


I love these people.


Dad planting star jasmine. I’ve fallen in love with this plant after moving here and always wanted one of my own.

The main feature of our tiny backyard are two long brick planters that encircle our patio. They’ve sat for years holding rocks and weeds and I’ve made several half hearted and unsuccessful attempts to clean them out for planting. I mentioned this offhandedly to my parents and their ears perked and they immediately swarmed into action. They hauled rocks out and hacked weeds (really runners from our oak). Dad sweet talked contractors (for new filler rock), cemented to prevent oak encroachment, mixed good soil, and planted starters for a garden. I absolutely love the results.

They also reorganized the garage so we could fit two cars in it for the first time ever. I’m going to have to watch what I say around them!

Here is Violet with the tomatoes on the fourth of July.

Mom had just sent us the dress (which she made for V) and I took some pictures to show her how it fit.

Here Violet is a few weeks later with our first eggplant harvest. Every time this summer that we harvested tomatoes, eggplant, basil, etc I was reminded of Mom and Dad’s work and humbled by the love they showed us in their labors. Thank you guys!

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2 Responses to “Grandma and Grandaddy Visit”

  1. Grandma Nobles says:

    We had such a good time! I can’t believe it will be almost 6 months before we see you again. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

  2. Aunt Becca says:

    Great pics! LOVE the pic of Grandaddy with Archer on the bike. Too cute. Haha, Grandpa and Grandpa. Is there a twitter name for Archer coming soon with his Archer-isms?!

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