Wednesday 2nd October 2013

by admin

We were fortunate to have five different sets of people come and stay with us this summer. Here are some pictures we took between my sister’s and brother’s trips.


Violet is wearing a dress my mom made for me when I was a girl. Ben has been teaching her a little chess. She is definitely better at it than I am.


I took the kids to my favorite store, goodwill outlet a few times. Archer got a cool spiderman costume for $1.39!


My goal this summer was to take the kids to the pool once a week. While we were there one day a bee flew near Archer’s eye. Before I could intervene Archer rubbed at it with his fist and the bee stung him in the face. This was Archer’s first bee sting and because he has severe food allergy I was concerned he’d have an anaphylactic reaction. I’ve never packed up and left so quickly! Fortunately his immune system reacted normally and there was only slight swelling.

tootie coffeeshop.jpg

Violet started piano lessons this summer. My brother-in-law plays piano so we asked him and Ben’s sister to come check out one we found on Craigslist. It had some serious problems so we passed on it and headed to a nearby coffee shop and took the pictures above. We ended up getting a great deal on a keyboard later. I wanted Violet to have some exposure to piano. At the end of the summer I gave her the option to quit taking lessons but she decided to continue. I think one of the reasons she likes it so much is because of the satisfaction she gets from barely being able to play a piece on Saturday and having it nearly down perfectly by lessons on Friday.

Violet made this video playing around with my phone.


Then she took a selfie.


My goal of getting the kids to the pool once a week was mostly for Archer’s benefit. Violet was in the pool practically nightly for swimming lessons. She progressed a lot this summer, eventually passing the swim test at our gym!


Violet attended one VBS this summer. She’s a few rows back in the center of the picture.


We had “Art Thursdays” at our house this summer. Conveniently that’s the day our local art museum is free to the public. This exhibit featured 600,000 pennies.

We also observed “Science Fridays” (and Music Mondays).

lego build.jpg

We waited over an hour in this incredibly long line for Violet to get a free pile of Lego. She quickly assembled the blocks into this cute little crab.

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