Tuesday 24th September 2013

by admin

In the spring of 2013 my friend “A” and I started a tiny co-op preschool. I know A from church. She has a son 5 months older than Archer a younger daughter. Our “school” meets two mornings a week and we each take a turn teaching every other week. I feel SO blessed by our little arrangement. I love our little preschool for so many reasons. Allow me to make a little list:

1. I have a deep desire to be proactive with Archer’s academic development but I often lack the organization/disciple/structure to make it happen on my own.
2. Food allergy concerns make me very hesitant to enroll Archer in a typical preschool.
3. Co-op preschool is free!
4. I absolutely LOVE my co-op partner and her two kids! It is ridiculous how much my friend and I have in common. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her and her family better through our bi-weekly get-togethers.
5. I find preparing a lesson plan highly satisfying.

We’re working through the 3′s curriculum on Hubbard’s Cupboard using it as a springboard, adding elements that interest us. Throughout the summer we had school one day a week and a field trip on the other. On school days Violet participated where she wanted to (listening to stories, making crafts) and otherwise read her own books or did worksheets while we were working with the boys.


I believe I took these pictures on “L” day where we took a trip to the library for a special “touch a tractor” event.


Afterwards we headed to a nearby stream to cool off. The bridge provided nice shade.


A and her sweet baby girl.


Soaking up the summer.


Best buds. These boys love to laugh and are constantly trying to one-up each other with their silliness.

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2 Responses to “Co-op Preschool”

  1. BaLong says:

    It has been a while since I had looked at your blog.I really love seeing your beautiful family. Looks like you guys had a blast over the summer. We are just getting started with school at home with Asher, we’re running a bit behind getting started this year with the addition of our new little one and moving but I hope to be on a regular schedule in the next week. I love your “preschool” ideas, so fun!

  2. Grandma Nobles says:

    You look so good with a little baby in your arms! (hint, hint)

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