Saturday 21st June 2008

by benandbethany

Practically every night for the last year Violet has been read “First Numbers” before going to bed. She usually counts a solid 1-10 in English and Mandarin, most times forgetting the 4 in Mandarin and 7 in English. She will quickly count 1-5 whenever she sees a lot of something. She LOVES counting! I catch her counting to herself all the time.
She also loves to say “one more” when she really means she wants more of something. It’s very cute.
I’ve started counting to five when trying to get Violet to do something, like say to come inside. It really amazes me how she’ll stand around dawdling no matter how many times I tell her to come inside, but once I start counting she scurries in as fast as she can.
We’re trying to teach V the little Chinese we know. She is also getting it through her various books, CDs, and videos. I HIGHLY recommend Mei Mei videos, Mandy and Pandy books, and Baby’s First Words in Chinese CD. Max and Mei books are also very good but geared towards an older child.
The other day I was singing “She’ll be coming around the mountain” with Violet. When it came to the “yee-haw” part Violet would shout “ni-hao” (hello in Mandarin). I really hope she’ll grow up with an interest in learning Mandarin with us. Hopefully someday we’ll all know more than 1-10 and ni-hao.

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7 Responses to “Violet Counts”

  1. jill says:

    i love this video! violet counting is precious!

  2. Amy Mayfield says:

    That is way too cute. Lauren likes to count, too, but in a much more random order. :-)

  3. Caroline says:

    I love that you can hear Ben’s high pitched laugh in the background;)
    She is tooo cute!!!

  4. April Lamb says:

    I can’t believe how big your little girl has gotten. She is so beautiful and smart. I bet you are very proud of her.

  5. Jennifer says:

    What a smart, big girl!!! You’re amazing Violet! (And adorable!)

  6. Andrea Shef :) says:

    How cool! Great video!! She’s adorable! THat’s so great that she’s learning Mandarin!!! You can watch the Disney channel here in Hindi or English – I can’t wait for Aashini to watch the shows in Hindi – I hope she takes it up – how cool :) That’s so great that you’re teaching her Mandarin – you guys ROCK!

  7. Uncle Ben says:

    She’s awesome!!! I miss you guys

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