Sunday 17th June 2007

by benandbethany

Here’s the video of our return from Feng Yuan to Nashville, via Taipei. Better late than never!

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11 Responses to “Overdue”

  1. Ann says:

    You guys did such an awesome job on the video. When you were walking in the airport, I knew your welcome commitee was waiting, and the tears started flowing before I even saw them. Violet will love this.

  2. That video was amazing guys! It made me want to jump on a plane & go back to Taiwan! I watched it…then I made Matt (hubby) watch it…then my mom came over & watched it… you get the idea:) LOL! Violet will love it when she is older:)
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Jackie says:

    Love the video and all of your pictures! It’s awesome to see that Violet is doing so well in the U.S.

  4. gwen oatsvall says:

    just checking in … you all look so happy and Violet is a doll… I am sorry we haven’t had our play date …I think you are moving this month not sure … Having Emily’s 3rd b-day pool party at the house if ya can make it please come by… June 23 – 2-5pm …

  5. Aunt Becca says:

    Ahhhh! I loved it. Yes, I cried at the end. That was so sweet. What a great time ya’ll had and to share it with us was so amazing. I loved the pic of Violet sleeping on the airplane with her binky coming out. Missing ya’ll!

  6. Amy Mayfield says:

    This is my favorite video yet. I just loved the video footage, photos and the song. Great job! Lauren sends Violet a big hug!

  7. That video ROCKED!! I LOVE it!! How cool!! I was totally bawling at the end! (Of course I am pregnant and very emotional right now :) but it was really cool). I loved seeing your family meeting Violet for the first time – that was really neat!! All of our family (except my parents) won’t get to see our baby until he/she is 7 months old, so that made it even more emotional :) The editing was stinkin awesome too! Nice job!! whoo hoo!

  8. Sarah W. says:

    Wow, you guys make the best videos. It’s amazing how much you got to see and do while in Taiwan. Once again, thanks for sharing your story with us!

  9. Mom Nobles says:

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY BEN! I especially like the way the dancers jump when the music says “Hey!” and also the soldiers lift their hands on a “Hey!” Neat!

  10. Fabulous video! I’m amazed you got so much into a few short minutes. It was definitely a trip down the same path we just went down… very moving.

  11. kelley says:

    Hi Guys,
    Very nostalgic. Gosh I remember MOST of those places and Iris got a spot in your video at Taipei 101! Iris has the same Asian dolly too!
    We will most definitley have to meet up again when the girls are older and let them know they met when they were 6 months old!
    Great video as usual… I miss the food and the commotion and the time off! Iris is sure different now- I bet Iris and Violet would have SO much to squeek about!

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