Sunday 10th December 2006

by benandbethany

Here’s a little video of what we’ve been up to. Mostly playing with Violet in the apartment!

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19 Responses to “Our First Week in Feng Yuan”

  1. David & Kelley Liao says:

    Hi Ben & Bethany:
    This is David & Kelley from Chicago. I(david) was born in Feng Yuan. It was a small town then in mid 60s. I was born a block away from a Buddhist temple. My grandparents former house is now the middle of the busiest street mkt in Feng Yuan a block away from the Buddhist temple. Perhaps you’ve been there? If so, my grandfather(who’s passed away) built a 4 story bldg on their former residence land and there are shops now on the first floor.
    I taught English to kids in 1990-91 in Taipei for 6 months. Taiwan is a crazy place but fun and I hope you’re enjoying yourselves. The video is very cool and sweet and it’s awesome you get to do your own foster parenting. You will miss eating street vendor food so much when you return to the USA. That’s the one thing from Taiwan I’d like to import to the USA.
    I have a cousin Annie Liao who also lives in the Feng Yuan/Taichung area. She teaches English also and is an artist. Look her up if you like: Tell her that, David Liao, her cousin from Chicago sent you to her. She speaks fluent English and can give you inside scoop on the area and I’m sure she’d like to make new friends from the USA.
    warm regards, David & Kelley Liao

  2. cari TaiwanJOH says:

    The last shot of her sleeping is wonderful!!! I’m sure everyone is going “Ohhhhhhhh” when they see it. Sounds like everything is going well, except for the soup thing. Can’t wait to get there for our little one.

  3. jill says:

    great video, thanks for sharing! i like your family pictures and getting to see you having fun with violet…she looks so happy!

  4. Jackie says:

    Wow…. awesome videos and pictures!! Thanks for sharing your journey. Violet is soooo beautiful.

  5. janet c says:

    Bethany and Ben, just took a long overdue pause to update myself on your journey. She is absolutely adorable. Those words are so over used, that doesn’t even measure up to the joy in her face. I expect Mom and Dad are behind the lens smiling every bit as big! God’s blessings and protection over you all.

  6. Andrew & Cindy Cheatham says:

    Congratulations Ben and Bethany!
    We just got the link and have enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Violet. She is such a cute little girl- we look forward to meeting her in person.
    -Andrew & Cindy

  7. Gramma Nobles says:

    Sweeeeeeet! I love the video! The nicest birthday present I got. Love, Mom

  8. Brittany Phillips says:

    Your videos are awesome! Violet is such a cutie! I hope things continue to go smoothly for you and you are in our prayers!

  9. Holly says:

    Guys these pictures and videos are amazing.(They always make me cry)! I feel like I get to be a little part in all the excitement. Violet is so beautiful. I can’t wait to put her picture up! I love you guys, keep posting away!

  10. Amy Mayfield says:

    Oh, so cute! Keep them coming. Hope you all are doing great.

  11. Awesome videos. This is so cool to watch. Maybe you can teach me how to do some videos before we head over to pick up our little one.

  12. Andrea W says:

    She’s so precious! I love your video’s, can’t wait to see more :)

  13. Laura R says:

    Hey guys,
    These are beautiful pictures..
    What a beautiful family you are!
    May God bless you!!!

  14. Gloria says:

    Oh, i love corn soup! mmm did it have chicken in it?

  15. Gloria says:

    i love her green polka dotted sheets :) of course the girl sleeping on it is cute too :P great video! remember, i say she needs to know her multiplication table by the time she’s 6. and you guys need to try stinky tofu.

  16. Becca says:

    Wow! Awesome video! I love all the pics…again you had me in tears! Miss you three! Can’t wait to meet her and hold her.

  17. Pam Shockley says:

    Ben – your videos always move me. Violet looks so happy and like she has bonded with you already.

  18. Pops says:

    Great family photos too! Looks like you guys are having fun! Gotta send you Violet’s song.

  19. Kelly says:

    I think I love this video even more than the last!

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