Monday 4th December 2006

by benandbethany

We finally got internet access… by way of coffee shop! Here’s our little peanut!

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28 Responses to “Meeting Violet: In Technicolor!”

  1. Meagan says:

    AH! That was so awesome to watch. Thank you so much for taking the time to share that. I definitely teared up. She’s beautiful and looks right at home in your arms, Bethany. I can’t wait to meet the new family member!

  2. Vickie (Grammy) says:

    Hey Ben and Bethany and Violet,
    I’ve watched this special video so many times in the last few days. I am joyous with the wonder and blessing of it all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all constantly. Kisses from Grammy!

  3. brett says:

    Ben! Congrats! She’s beautiful!
    Thanks for the Batman Game, by the way. Oh! and guess what? …it has to be really quiet for you to hear it… but my Mac does indeed make the lightsaber noise when you tilt it.
    I’m so happy for you and Bethany! Take care!

  4. Mechelle says:

    The video brought tears to my eyes. I have seen it 4 or 5 times because I’ve shared it with my family and each time I just weep. Thank you for shareing this moment. I hope everything is going well and She is adjusting to her new mommy and daddy.

  5. Margaret Baber says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. What a wonderful moment in your lives. She is beautiful.
    Margaret Baber (Bennie & Glenda’s daughter)
    Cape Girardeau, MO

  6. Katie & Wes says:

    We are so excited for yall! I watched the video and teared up!! She IS beautiful! so cute!!!! We are so happy for you and Ben. thank you for making this video and sharing such an important, intimate time with us!!
    Katie & Wes

  7. Laura Russell says:

    Bethany and Ben,
    Hey guys.. When i saw the video of Violet it just brought my eyes to tears. I remember when Bethany was little and just brought so many special things to my memory.
    May God bless you and your family grows closer to each other. Love you guys
    Laura,Linda, and family
    We love you guys

  8. Anita says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful girl. What a wonderful gift from God. Watching you hold Violet brought back all those feelings of when I first got to hold Alex. God bless your family.

  9. Addison says:

    B & B,
    When you told me that you were getting married, I responded by sharing the words that my uncle Mike said to me 17 years ago when I announced that I was getting married. He said “I hope you know what the hell you’re doing!”
    Obviously, you guys are great together. I wish you many more happy years.
    Concerning Violet, I will now share the words of my cousin Stanley when he heard that Michelle and I were expecting. And this is directed to you Ben; “It’s time to go to work now boy…HARD!!!
    May God bless you with continued love and prosperity.

  10. Cutter says:

    Ben, welcome to the Fatherhood club brother! To the both of you, congrats on beginning The Grand Adventure. She’s beautiful. Can’t wait to meet her in person:)

  11. The Basiks says:

    What a beautiful gift from God! We are all so happy for all of you and will continue to lift you up in prayer.
    In Christ -
    The Basiks

  12. Barbara and Gary says:

    Congratulations! Tears of JOY when I watched your video. What an awesome gift from God! We are so glad that you finally get to hold your little girl. Violet is precious and we are soooo happy for you.

  13. gabe says:

    Awesome – Congrats!!! What a treasure that video will be for Violet in 25 years!

  14. Pam Shockley says:

    Oh, Bethany and Ben. She is precious. I thought I was going to break down. It made me think of our Gotcha Day with Hannah. Bethany, you look like a natural. Enjoy your precious little girl.

  15. Heather, Daniel, Liam and Kaelin says:

    Let me gain my composure here….(wiping away many tears!!) That video was more than I was expecting. It was awesome to see you with Violet finally!! We are so happy for you guys! It’s an incredible feeling to finally have her, huh? I can only imagine! We are praying for lots of rest for all three of you and lots of bonding! We will be waiting in the airport when you come home!! WE CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT PARTY!!!! We love you guys very much! Kiss Violet for us!
    Heather, Daniel, Liam and Kaelin

  16. Cousin Neet says:

    Wow… Aunt Weeze & I just watched the video together (weeping, weeping) We are sooo happy for y’all!!! Can’t wait to hold her & nibble on those cheeks!!! Stay healthy…
    Love you ALL!!!
    Neet & Aunt Weeze

  17. Amy Mayfield says:

    So wonderful, congratulations! She is precious. Can’t wait to hear more.

  18. Kelly says:

    Aww! Violet is so cute and precious! I’m so happy to see y’all with her! I know y’all must be overjoyed! I can’t wait to meet her!

  19. Lucia says:

    Ben and Bethany,
    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter, Violet! Your video brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the amazing day in Feb.06 when we met our daughter for the first time in Taiwan. We were also able to be her foster adopt family and it was a gift to have her in our arms so soon. Welcome to the wild and wonderful adventure of parenthood. Enjoy every minute of it, sleep when you can, and celebrate all of those exciting “firsts” together. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us!

  20. Anita Hiehle says:

    Oh man….you got the tears flowing here girl!! Bethany and Ben – We are SO excited for you and now Violet!!! It just reminded me of our Gotcha Day with Kaylin and how the tears flowed just like yours. Isn’t it just the most amazing moment to see your child? Congratulations…you finally have your daughter in your arms and in your lives forever!! HUGS, Anita, Mark, Kaylin and the rest of the bunch!

  21. Lisa says:

    Love the video! She’s a sweetheart. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    - Lisa (PJ’s mom)

  22. Sherry says:

    Yeahhhh…Video!!! She looks so sweet & cute! It made me cry…I think Matthew cried a little too! LOL! Again CONGRATULATIONS mama & baba:)

  23. Kevin & I-Chwen says:

    Wow – great video! She looks so content in that last scene. Kevin (PS. What kind of video camera was that shot with? The image it impressive and I need to get something for our trip to Fengyuan ;-) )

  24. Heather Grube says:

    uuuughhh!! I want to see the video but for some reason it’s not there!!! please post again! We’re dying here! I’ve been checking your site daily!!!!! I need to see that little girl!!! We’re praying for you!

  25. jill + chip says:

    yeah!!!! we were so excited to see the video posted. what a blessing is it to see your family united! congratulations! we are so happy for you both and it brings us such joy to see the love on your faces as you held violet. she is just beautiful! much love to you three.

  26. Pops says:

    WOOOOOHOOOOOO! HI VIOLET! She is BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing, what a joy! …and four stars on the video.

  27. Grandma Nobles says:

    Beautiful, awesome! I watched it 4 times in a row. I’ll never get tired of watching it. Keep ‘em coming! Love, always, mom.

  28. Aunt Becca and Uncle Chris says:

    Wow! What amazement! I was in tears! We love you guys! She is soooooooo precious and so tiny! Enjoy every second of it. Can’t wait to see you back in the states! We love you. God is awesome!

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