Tuesday 26th December 2006

by benandbethany

Happy Christmas everyone! We had a great Christmas here in Taiwan! We went to an international church in Taichung for Christmas Eve, and our Christmas dinner was a double pepperoni pizza. We all got to talk to both sides of our family. Violet got some new toys, including a crinkly one that you’ll see in the video. She played with it for at least an hour straight. Also, Violet went to bed easily last night, which was her Christmas present to us!

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11 Responses to “Happy Christmas!”

  1. michelle mutchler says:

    she is so beautiful!!!! hope you and ben are having a great time in taiwan. also you better make a trip down here so everyone can meet here. mikayla says hi to violet and she wants to see her. i’ll chat at you later..bye

  2. Susan Edwards says:

    Glad to know you guys are safe. Violet is beautiful.
    Happy New Year.

  3. David & Kelley Hughes- Liao says:

    Thank god everyone seems to be alright. I was in an earthquake in Northridge California that was a 6.7 or something like that and it was very scarey and resulted in death tolls….thus I was very fearful seeing the yahoo home page report a quake. Ironic I went to bed the other night wondering if Taiwan will have an earthquake- it is more the reason we need to get our little ones back here where we only have crazy snowstorms in Chicago!!! Thanks for the update…. hopfully all our children are okay and the foster parents too.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Happy Belated Christmas Ben, Bethany and Violet! I log on every day to see what you guys have been up to! I’m glad the earthquake wasn’t bad for you! Violet is simply adorable!!!!! I so wish that I could be in Nashville when you return so I could kiss those little cheeks. Yan and I will have to convince you to take a trip to Indiana.
    We love you guys! :-)

  5. Sarah k. says:

    Hey Bethany,
    It is I, your fellow Fort Myers, Nashville, now adoption buddy…. you guys are so brave.. I am so glad to see you are all three doing well. I have to give you the cudos babe… really brave! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Sarah k.

  6. Laura Russell says:

    What a beautiful video of your new family!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year and pray God’s continued blessings among your family.
    Laura, Linda, and crew

  7. Chris and Becca says:

    Ahhh! What a cute video! I enjoyed talking with you guys and finally being able to hear Violet’s laugh, cry, and play with her! Yeah!!! We finally have a webcam! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! We sure love you three! Keep the video’s coming!

  8. Gramma says:

    What a sweet laugh! It’s amazing that she likes to look at books at her age! Good thing both her grandmas are teachers. She’ll have all the books she wants! Love you all! Mom Nobles

  9. Poppy (Pops) says:

    …And the hits just keep gettin’ better and better! I can’t help thinking about the fund raising concert we went to in Smyrna, and how encouraging and inspiring it would be for those folks to see your videos. If you’re not in contact with them, you should figure out how to email them with a link to your site. Love you all! Merry Christmas and Happy Ew Year!!!

  10. Vickie says:

    Cool! I’m glad y’all had a Christmas pizza. Violet is beautiful and brilliant. Her attention span amazes me. I loved hearing her laugh.
    Love, Proud Grammy

  11. Kelly says:

    Great video! I love being able to hear Violet laugh! Ben, that 7D t-shirt is the new Ninja Turtles sweatshirt! Love y’all! Merry Christmas!

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